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New music: nudista – Confess

New music: nudista – Confess

confess - nudista artwork

I know it’s difficult to keep up with our new music recommendations, but here’s a nice one for you. Confess.

Confess was penned by Pilar Matji Cabello and Robbie Carman (nudista) just before the pandemic escalated, but has rung just as true throughout it. 

The song’s about coming to terms with life and the city essentially being a giant stomping foot that you’re desperately running from to narrowly avoid being crushed. Magically, they’ve spun it so it whips you to a sunny, care-free place in the middle of nowhere, rather than a gloomy recitement of downfalls on city life. Think of it as your weighted blanket – or valium. 

About the song, Pilar says “It’s kind of about me acknowledging that I don’t know how to ‘play’ the game of life and not knowing all of it’s intrinsicate rules that you need to learn, and finding these a bit overwhelming.” 

They’ve written something that lingers in your head for days, but unlike trying to go to sleep with Mambo No.5 circling the chambers, you’re genuinely happy about this. Dreamy.

I’ve been racking my brains finding the song I know it sounds like, but it’s not there. Confess hugs you with a warm familiarity that you don’t want to let go. As if you’ve already heard it a thousand times. Imagine a toss up between Laura Marling and Kurt Vile and you won’t be far off this.

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The fact it was recorded live to tape at Hermitage Studios definitely enhances the subtle haziness that digital cannot recreate.

The song is out now on Sad Club Records.

Honestly, check this new song out and keep an eye on nudista in the future.

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