glastonbury festival litter eco-friendly

Sustainability at festivals: How to have an Eco-Glasto

Enjoy your summer festival the No Taste way: hard on the liver, kind on the environment.

ed sheeran lifting weights listening to the best workout songs

The Best Ever Workout Songs: A Definitive *Listicle*

In which we attempt to review tracks from the Spotify playlist ‘Workout’… mid-workout.

artic monkeys new album predictions

Our insightful and accurate predictions for the next Arctic Monkeys album

Arctic Monkeys has begun working on a new album… but what will it sound like?

Pop’s Dirtiest Lyrics: The Good, the Bad and the Absolutely Bonkers

Good evening, my name’s Dan Hackett and I’d like to welcome you to Sexual Lyrics,…

pop music 90s

Has pop music really changed since the 90’s?

In the last 30 years music hasn’t really changed. This may seem a mad statement, but is there any truth in it? Well yes – quite a bit actually.

Cover songs: Should they really be a thing?

As I sit down to bring you this article on whether cover songs are great…

haunted tracks

A No Taste Halloween Special: The Most Haunted Tracks in the Universe

These are the foulest, darkest, most haunted tracks in the universe. May they burn in the hot fires of Hell this Halloween!

Silent Hill: How Akira Yamaoka’s score blends beauty with spooky

Soundtracking one of the scariest video games ever made was no small feat.

People doing karaoke

9 Types of People that Make Us Love/Hate Karaoke

“Karaoke?” you ask. And with a gale-like sigh, my head facing the ground and hands…

sexiest instrument

What is the all-time sexiest instrument?After weeks of furious arguing, here’s our verdict!

Here: if you’re going to learn an instrument to be more attractive, these are the ones you’re gunna wanna go for…