So you wanna get involved with No Taste, ey?

Alright, you’re in.

Now, right off the bat we want to make sure you’re under no illusions: though of course we’d love to, we cannot pay you. We can’t pay you because we don’t have any money ourselves. We don’t monetise the site in any way, and pour a lot of our own into it.

No Taste a passion project, not a business. If we rely on ad money, soon our voice, our style, our personality will be dictated by the pursuit of profit. Money confines creativity. If we chase money, we won’t be able to be shit and wrong and weird anymore.

And weird is good.

However, this doesn’t mean we can’t make it worth your while. Here’s the deal.

We arrange press passes for the events you want to cover, in return for the photos and/or reviews to be submitted shortly after the event to be published on the platform. It’ll all be under your name and you’ll get your own profile.

There’s no commitment, do one show or one thousand, and only do the artists you want to see.

We’ve already built such an incredibly fucking talented and committed gang, that I’m now convinced life is a simulation and we’ve accidentally found a glitch.

There’s an indescribable comradeship that has me waking up happy every morning. I can honestly call them all my friends (even if I haven’t met them in person) and I’m pumped that they’re on this journey to ‘who-knows-where’ with No Taste.

We’re continuing to build a supportive team of people who want more. More of themselves and to help others get more. Sound like you? Fill out the form below and come on in.

No Taste allows us to set a new standard for creative content platforms. 

No Taste has brought something with it. An attitude almost. It feels like purpose, but that’s probably the wrong word. It’s a justification for enjoying things that you wouldn’t want your Nan seeing. 

Not to be mistaken with tastelessness, which is not showing good taste. No Taste is freedom from judgement, from taste altogether. Above the norm, the trends and the fads, it’s a celebration of letting go and enjoying raw, unpolished emotion. And then showcasing your experience of it to the world. 

So… you in? 


See you on the other side.