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Unapologetically grateful: Inside STONE’s electrifying gig at Omeara – A night of captivating energy, inspirational speeches, and wild dance moves

Unapologetically grateful: Inside STONE’s electrifying gig at Omeara – A night of captivating energy, inspirational speeches, and wild dance moves

STONE at Omeara

I saw the most unapologetically grateful band in the world, STONE, last night at Omeara for their second night on the bounce there.

I arrive too early and find myself parked with the couples that had fallen out on the way to the show. To make matters worse, after 15 minutes of filler music, I find myself toe-tapping to Cry Me a River.

I am rattled back to reality by their entrance, luckily.

Pretty sure he boots everyone on the first row during the first song and I’m shocked that he has a voice left ploughing into their second track. Strong start.

Now, Fin Power’s presence is something I’ve never witnessed before. Presence is something that’s hard to describe but I’ll give it my best shot. Half dork, half gladiator. I’m sure that paints the picture brilliantly for you.

Alright, I’ll explain. He has the dance of a mischievous kid that just robbed the tuck shop and can’t wait to share the goods with the lads. A sort of crouched-over elbow jig with the occasional air kick. That same dance follows his scream of “Leave me alone” from Keep Running; he’s not afraid to tell anyone what he thinks.

However, he’s also an incredibly grateful bloke. Their setlist is littered with inspirational speeches, albeit some of them about Theo the stagehand doing a fantastic job at keeping his wine full.

Power’s grateful for a very valid reason though. Their overall energy is captivating. As Power does his speeches, Elliot Gill is balancing a can of Red Stripe on his head (whilst dressed like one). On such a small stage they each manage to move around like someone in a hurricane machine collecting as much cash as they in 30 seconds. They’re clearly a band that has been grafting for years in the background and now having some fun with the results that have come from it.

The group from Liverpool have seen immense, stand-out, growth in a relatively short time, like a sunflower in a cabbage patch.

Their latest release Left Right Forward is a hit, but there’s no left, right, forwarding or bringing it back though…

Okay, okay, hang on. There is, just the after the second chorus. It’s like a line dance, but instead of hypnotised 60-year-olds, it’s pissed-up yoots swaying in all different directions and out of time. It’s a new release, I’ll let them off.

After this, Power refuses to continue unless we ‘start moshing like fuck’.

So we all go home and leave him stranded on stage in silence…

Oonnllyyy joking.

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Just like that, those same line dancers just seconds before have now turned into fever-ridden animals fighting for lunch. The lower dancefloor which was seemingly packed is now mainly floorspace as they pack in towards the stage, launching pints and jumping in all directions. Especially for Let’s Dance To The Real Thing, which is unsurprisingly a crowd favourite and has old men moving around like jackhammers.

Shoutout to the photographers that were just getting battered down there; I cannot wait to see the results of these.

The energy and the appreciation never settle for the remainder of the show.

The sound and production are always great at the Omeara and definitely add to the punch that STONE already bring.

If you didn’t manage to grab a ticket to their sold-out shows, you’d be wise to direct your group to their stage for their festival circuit. You’ll be a liked person. If you did manage to bag one, be prepared to get thrashed about, both internally and externally.

Stick this one in yer calendar.

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