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It’s time for you to promote your music like the professionals (without the price tag).

It’s time for you to promote your music like the professionals (without the price tag).

It was 23rd November 2019. We’d just clicked publish on our first article, Album Review: Here’s to Christmas, by Chris Kamara. Yep. And No Taste was thrust into existence.

Since then it’s had a rough upbringing, but an exciting one nevertheless.

We’ve been laying the tracks while rolling and learned a lot along the way.

One of the biggest points I’ve analysed since we started is the way independent artists get their exposure. 

We receive several DMs, emails, comments etc. from small bands asking for reviews weekly. We also get full press releases from publicists of slightly bigger bands who have a budget for their promotion. Often, we’ll choose the professional press releases when covering new music.

It’s not that the music is any better, but they generally provide us with much more information than the standard cold outreach done by bands themselves.

The problem that’s bugged me most is the barrier to entry for professional promotion seems so out of reach.

It’s a mix of artists wanting to create and perform rather than market themselves and also the whole music marketing industry being so complex.

Being in the middle, I want you to know that we rely on outreach from new music in order to beat the algorithm in finding the hottest tracks. So if your requests for review or feedback or playlist adds get ghosted, know that it’s likely in the form of the request – not the music itself.

Since noticing this, I’ve been building a platform on the side of No Taste that allows you to submit all your work in one place that can be found by hundreds of tastemakers, stations, playlisters, labels, blogs, influencers and media outlets.

It features tips on how to write your press release and tell your story; has all your socials, links and supporting information.

You can even safely upload your music before release to build a buzz from the industry voices before it’s out – like the professional artists do.

All this and way more.

You no longer have to pay for credits or pay the outlets out of your own pocket to give you coverage.

And the waitlist is open now, with over 100+ artists on the list already.

Say hello to Big Name.

Just click here to join in

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