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Review: Sorry at Electric Brixton

Review: Sorry at Electric Brixton

Like a seven-year-old grasping desperately onto Christmas, Sorry have extended spooky season with their headline show at Electric Brixton.

For the conclusion of their UK headline tour, crowds of misfits in their fingerless gloves, berets and mullets joined forces for one final (maybe?) grungy dance. 

After waddling onto stage in complete darkness, the rest is historic.

You’ve likely heard the apologue of the frog in boiling water before. If you haven’t, you’re in for a treat. Here’s how it goes.

If you lob a frog in already boiling water it’ll jump out immediately, feeling the immense difference in temperature, and give you a big slap. However, if you drop it in tepid water and slowly bring it to a boil, it won’t notice the gradual rise and will be cooked to death.

We were stewed to our graves.

From synchronous head bopping to a boiling cauldron of jumping frogs pushing each other around in their attempt to escape- and seemingly having a ball of a time while at it.

We witnessed Asha Lorenz’s delicate and lackadaisical vocals simmer on their newer songs like Closer and Baltimore to the more triumphant yet still insolent intonation of the crowd favourites like Starstruck and Perfect.

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The two albums have different personalities performed live. Not in the usual way of one being newer and more recognisable than the other, but more the fact that the newer seemed more profound, more personal and had you staring at their suited silhouettes and soaking it in whilst their older music was a swagger-filled release of youthful energy- a contrast masterfully managed by the band in their setlist.

The moodiness of a restricted teenager was wrapped around the band as they rebelled against their instruments, filling the venue with crunchy bass, ‘fuck you’ vocals and a stumble-home-pissed clatter of drums. It was fantastic.

Now, I’m approaching thirty, and shouldn’t even have these temptations, but I was itching to jump in and join the frenzy at the end.

But being a sensible frog, I knew the dangers and decided to stay at the bar.

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