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New music: deep tan – deepfake

New music: deep tan – deepfake

deep tan deepfake

Here, I’ve a cool new band for you.

They’ve got a new single out called deepfake. 

Deepfakes. When the viral video created by Jordan Peele of Obama surfaced in 2018, fear cloaked the internet of the potential political implications.

Now, in 2020, it’s come to light that 96% of deepfakes involve simulating porn of female celebrities – without their consent. Arguably more terrifying. (The remaining 4% are Nic Cage in different movies and a variety of memes with people singing Dame Da Ne…). 

The internet is a spooky place. 

Following this strange subculture, deep tan addresses the topic of consent across the internet and the many female celebs completely unaware of this dangerous absurdity. 

Just as eerie, is deep tan’s new track, ‘deepfake’.

“Mon corps n’est plus à moi” (my body isn’t mine anymore) sets the fogged stage. It’s almost as if you’re walking through the digital graveyard of removed deepfake porn, horrified to look up at the flickering TV screens that are looping through the non-consensual videos. 

The song is powerfully simple. In the same way that it only takes a dark corridor in an old, quiet hotel to scare the shit out of you.

Like the nerves you have after three coffee’s in quick succession, you know where they’re coming from, but you can’t stop them – that is deep tan’s style. 

Musically subtle, heavy-hitting lyrics and a spooky enigma. 

Their other songs are great, too. Check them out. 

Stay woke, bitches. 

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