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Dublin Legends @ Nell’s, London

Dublin Legends @ Nell’s, London

Dublin Legends Live

“We’ll begin with the first one,” laughed Sean Cannon as the Dublin Legends entered stage.

I usually write notes at shows so I can have a beer and not forget everything, but as soon as the lads marched on stage last night I was compelled to put my phone away and savour every minute. What a mistake, I can’t remember a thing. 

I’m just pulling your leg, but I am a little hazy.

The 18th of March is always going to bring a tough crowd with sore heads, but straight off the bat the lads demonstrate their innate musical ability with heroic performances on fiddle, banjo and guitar.

This was unlike any show I’ve written up before. People talk of the charm of intimate gigs, heck even I do, but this was on another level. On one hand you’re completely fixated on the talent and with the other you’re thumping the table; it’s not too often rowdy and finesse are in the same room.

Let me tell you how special the night was to everyone. It was the only gig where people were being hushed for talking to the person next to them.

There was one moment where the room fell silent, group by group, until you could hear the pints being poured from the bar at the back for everyone to truly appreciate Sean Cannon’s solo piece.

In fact, it was exactly this all night. A series of unforgettable moments that stack together until you leave the venue and dance off to the tube station to the sound of nothing but those memories already on repeat.

I couldn’t help but let some of the songs wash over me as I wondered about the things they’ve seen, the stories they must have, the enjoyment they’ve experienced and how lucky I was to witness it live in a room with no more than 300 people.

I’d say it was a slow burner in the fact that the energy levels kept increasing with each song, but levels were already high. 

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Seven Drunken Nights was a hit, naturally. The Wild Rover had everyone smashing the closest object to them for the chorus. They nailed Dirty Old Town. Even the instrumentals had the crowd, that was ranging from 20 to 80+, swinging from the rafters.

As the night continued, the once comfortable chairs at the front became a nuisance.

They teased leaving, but the crowd gave them no choice. They graced us with two more before the applause had each band member adjusting their ear plugs.

I genuinely couldn’t think of a more fitting name for them.

“We’ll finish with the last one.”

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