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Brave EP – Fran Lobo

Brave EP – Fran Lobo

Fran Lobo Brave

Hello and welcome!

It’s my pleasure to bring you a review of Fran Lobo‘s new EP, Brave. Fran Lobo is a singer-songwriter and producer from North-East London, known for her dark powerful vocals and hypnotic sounds, this EP is no let up.

Straight in with Give Me Something and we’re provided with an aura, an air of mystery – it’s the perfect song to open a huge set. It’s slow building, each note adding to the tension. I’m gripped, drawing you in with each sharp high pitched note. There’s not much to this opening number, however there is exactly enough to give you that edge of your seat feeling, the sense that something big is around the corner. I can see it now, a dark stage, smoke billowing, clouding your view as the silhouette of Fran Lobo emerges…..

Next up is Monster, the perfect follow up to Give Me Something. The bass heavy banger with the nineties-esque vocals doesn’t mess about – if your volume isn’t cranked to 100 by this point you’re missing out. It’s violent, punchy and IT GETS THE PEOPLE GOING. It’s the sound of the time, rebellious in its tones, fitting to the current climate. Harsh and thrashy, you can’t help but sit up and take notice. Don’t leave your bevvy on the side when this one drops, there won’t be much of it left once the bass has taken hold of it.

Brave follows on and the word echoes to start the song, slower in pace and each word softly presented by Fran Lobo, it’s delicate, it’s sad but it feels empowering. I see myself walking in the rain after a bad day, headphones in with Brave caressing my ears telling me everythings going to be just fine, the birds start chirping accompanied by the most sincere sax music that soothes the soul. It’s the reassuring deep breath that your ear drums need.

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Rounding up the EP is Not Chasing again introduced with the reverberating lyrics, the bass is back and I feel like I’m being sucked into another dimension, futuristic in it’s vibes. The synth that plays across the track wouldn’t be a miss on Stranger Things. It’s an absolute after party must! Just when things start to get weird, this song is what carries you on – glued in a trance, a conversation starter.

All in all, this is a top EP from Fran Lobo. I think after listening to it I’ve been through nine tenths of my available emotions and I’m hooked. It’s a grower, the more you listen to it, the more you can appreciate it’s subtle beauty. It’s a solid framework for an epic gig.

Brave is out  June 19th via Slow Dance Records

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