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Away days with Miles Kane.

Away days with Miles Kane.

Miles Kane in London

Well, here we are sports fans. Another crisp evening for tonight’s game at the prestigious Electric Ballroom.

And boy what a treat we’re in for.

The crowd are already well-oiled. 

Yelling away at that pre-match tunes in a raucous, flat tone that people do when they want to sing along, but don’t want to be seen putting too much effort in.

The starting whistle has been replaced by Young Hearts Run Free and Miles Kane FC fuzz their way into Troubled Son, setting the tempo for the game with its anthemic potential.

OOF! We’ve had a few attempts at goal in this first quarter, but nothing has transcended this audience beyond its pre-match energy yet.

The execution has been flawless so far, but the anticipation from the spectators of an early goal has kept things a little reserved.

The score remains nil-nil.

Maybe the best is yet to come.

Inhaler? INHAAA – oh, so close? A near goal by Inhaler has lit that spark we’ve been waiting for.

The anticipation has risen as both the band and fans gear up for more. I’ve seen pint cups lobbed in the air (empty ones, it’s 2024) and tighter shift towards the front of the stage.

Hold on to your hats.

What do we have here? The heavy artillery is making an appearance with newcomer Baggio stepping in.


A sensational goal that has ignited the crowd into a mad frenzy. There’s a real shift in the mood now as they take command and give us a taste for what could be a thrashing from here on out.

Immediately after Baggio’s showstopper, Colour of Trap provides a brief respite, but the energy in the venue only intensifies as the crowd sings along with passion.

We’re approaching the final whistle and people know it. 

A win is a must for these boys tonight and the velocity is ramped with a quick Rearrange; fancy footwork on the fretboard and always a crowd-pleaser, it’s won the same hearts tonight.


Two points up and half an hour to go gives Miles Kane FC the freedom to loosen up and put on a spectacular show.

Cry on My Guitar and Coup De Grace, the burly units that blast through any defence do exactly that.

They’re in their own world now.

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The panicked screams of the girls at the front who have lost themselves in the enchantment of these final moves sum it up perfectly.

Eye’s closed, finger curling pleasure is starting to occupy the crowd like a virus. It’s turning to MAYHEM in the stands while Miles Kane FC start to run circles against the opposition.

Who knows what’ll happen next.

Oh shit. Never Taking Me Alive has opened up a… a gnarly MOSHPIT after scoring another goal for Miles Kane FC

They’re scoring for fun now. The crowd are raising hell and there’s no sign of it slowing down.


The moshpits from earlier have spread across the venue and we’re caught in the middle. 

Come Closer and last minute move to play Don’t Forget Who You closes the game with a goal on the final whistle. 

The sweat-drenched fans refuse to leave, forming a chorus that echoes through the venue until security are forced to move them on. 

What a performance. What a win.

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