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A review from 229 The Venue… I think

A review from 229 The Venue… I think

RANT at 229 The Venue

After accidentally walking into a wedding (never go by the photos on Google Maps), I had my suspicions that it was going to be a strange night. I wasn’t disappointed. 

Embarking on my travels to 229 The Venue to see Yasmin Kiddle, an up and coming soul singer that had been soothing my hangover all day, I was surprised to see so many studded leather jackets in the queue. Regardless, I ignored the, now so very blatant, warnings and proceeded to pay my way in. Whoops, wrong venue – again. Moron, but at least there are bands here. 

Being the cheap Northerner I am, I wasn’t going to leave to find the correct venue; so, here’s my review of North, Frontier Station, New River and Rant at 229 The Venue (I think). Sorry Yasmin, maybe next time.

Sidenote: You know those weird oversized sock hats that everyone had as a teenager? Turns out they’re still a thing. Weird. Anyway.

The bands were enjoyable, but the enjoyable you get from a band that plays your local gala out the back of a lorry with a vinyl banner behind them. There’s nothing wrong with that, but I suspect you’d rather be reading a review of the next big thing – so I’ll keep it short. 

North – The guitarist was the happiest man on Earth, almost to the point where his facial expressions were inappropriate. Almost. Like all good Dads, the father of the singer was up at the front on his own recording the whole thing on his mobile, cropping out most of the band because he was so close.

A big group of fans (or family) had travelled down from up north, ironically, and it warmed my heart.

‘Fade Away’ was a banger, but I can’t share it with you because it’s being released on 31st January. I know this because the Dad stepped up again and screamed it from the crowd as the band were hesitantly announcing it’s release.

The problem they’ve got is this; how the blazes do you find them on Google?

The members of Frontier Station are a clearly talented bunch. The main man got on my tits a bit, with that self-righteous overconfidence that a lot of half-decent frontmen have, but luckily it didn’t take anything away from the band. 

I turned around to grab my pint at one point and as I came back the drummer was now on the mic. That was one of their better ones. 

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New River were there for a laugh and I appreciate that. The blistering movements on the keyboard were something else and actually added to the show. Keyboards and bands are usually one of my peeves, but they got away with it this time.

Rant were aggressive, sloppy, captivating and charming; it was great. I like a bit of anger these days. I’m getting sick of the light, airy indie tones I once used to admire. (That being said, I’m off to review Bombay Bicycle Club on Thursday.) There’s an energy to it, an excitement. Even if it is almost impossible to make out a word he’s saying.

They’re youthful and distance themselves from being a band. To them, it’s an outlet. A way to express how they’re collectively feeling and they’re all on the same page. You can’t beat a close band, even if they’re a bit shit. There’s something that makes you fall in love with their aura. 

All in all, I went home feeling happy, which is all you want, right? 

Oh, and if you’re ever venturing to 229 The Venue, it turns out there’s two… Sorry again, Yasmin.


229 is a good venue with quick access to the bar

The bands were pleasant


I missed Yasmin

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