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New music: Just Mustard – Still

New music: Just Mustard – Still

Your head immediately spins from the whirring noise, but if you stick around for long enough, the sting of perhaps the most beautiful yet terrifying bass note knocks you straight.

If it weren’t for the vocals, you’d have thought you’d just walked into your local drug lord’s front room with peeling wallpaper and guns lying around.

Individually, the sounds would make you shit your pants. Collectively, you can’t turn them off. 

There’s an irresistible momentum behind the track that fills you with an urge to do something menacingly fulfilling like pushing your dickhead neighbour’s black bin over.

It’s just… outrageously cool.

It’s as if the fairy godmother tried to bring a singing candlestick holder to life to dance and sing about love but missed and hit the tunnel borer in the background.

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Is it terrifying? Yes. Would I tell people that my new favourite genre was horror music? Absolutely not. Did Still instantly pique my interest? Yes. And has it been on repeat for the last couple of days? You bet’cha.

There’s something freeing about loving something you know your parents would despise.

Still is the lead single from their second album Heart Under – out on 27 May via Partisan Records – is produced by the band and mixed by David Wrench, whose previous collaborators include Frank Ocean, Let’s Eat Grandma, Jamie xx, FKA twigs and beyond.

Directed by Balan Evans
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