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Halloween Special: A Walk-Through of the Addams Family Theme Remixes

Halloween Special: A Walk-Through of the Addams Family Theme Remixes

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I come to you on Halloween with an article that everyone needs this time of year, or in my case all year round to my pals annoyance, with a remixes’ walkthrough of the ultimate Halloween theme tune, the Addams Family (Gasp!). That’s right, I’m bringing you the essential ratings to a plethora of the spooky Halloween classic! Funnily enough, my girlfriends surname is Adams, and yes, she is haunted by this song (Pun intended)

First up, we have Addams Family – Remix by Party Time Project. Ladies and Gentlemen, this is an absolute belter that will have your children (or yourself) going wild, this may be a new experience bopping to TV show theme tune remixes, but have a taste of this and you never know, you might even enjoy it….

I’m a fan, a big fan – 8/10

Next we have Addams Family 2010 – The Nation Handz up Family Remix. Now you should know as much as the next guy by now that I’m a sucker for an Addams Family remix, but this is a fucking joke, surely? It sounds like someone picked up their mixing deck and volleyed it from their balcony and this has somehow been produced. If you could visually see this song, it’d be the equivalent of the monster from Frankenstein. 

Rancid – 0/10

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Finally, I bring to you the one you’ve been waiting for, Addams Family – Trap Remix Guys. Here we have the ultimate halloween flat party track, it’s eerie, it’s creepy, it’s a must have on any Halloween playlist this year. It’s short, very short. However, it’s not going to be out of place and of course, no one needs to be blasted by their mates for the rest of their life for playing absolute shite Addams Family remixes, I should know… But I won’t let my years of ridicule go in vein.

I’ve finally found the ultimate Halloween playlist track – 10/10

So, there we have it, probably the most niche article you’ll read this Halloween, but ultimately could save your social life, it’s too late for me. Go on without me, GO NOW………..

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