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Talk Show at Omeara: wild

Talk Show at Omeara: wild

Beavertown Presents Talk Show at Omeara

What the fuck; I feel dirty.

Why? Because I’ve just witnessed a filthy set of ear-splitting crunchy guitars, demonic frontman energy and 100 kg weighted blanket of underground techno beats infused to keep you in the small main room of Omeara.

Beavertown presented an assault as part of their monthly ‘summer frequencies’ residence at Omeara with this edition featuring Talk Show as their main act.

The same Talk Show I reviewed a few years ago, but you wouldn’t think so.

If you’re expecting the talk show from Spotify, you’ll be punched in the face and forcefully taught that they’ve taken a different path.

It was my first time seeing them live so I may have been missing out the whole time, but I was expecting some slightly angsty indie rock and the standard stage presence that comes with it; nothing too wild, just a display of bangers.

But I’m going to say that they’ve not always been this way. That somewhere down the line they found ecstasy and their music is now catered for people on a different plane of truth.

That truth being dark and chaotic and hedonistic.

Yet, amidst Harrison Swann entering the stage like a possessed man, going topless after the first song, dancing a little like Stavros Flatley and hitting his chest as if he’s just found out he robbed his own wallet- the audience participation in between songs was rather pleasant.

It made for a thrilling rollercoaster of a show. The kind where you’re lulled by false calm points and then thrust into gut-wrenching plummets.

The fans were excited. The lower tier became a frenzy, with everyone hopping around like heavy drops hitting the floor in a torrential downpour.

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One thing was quite noticeable, however. 

The guitarist didn’t wanna be there. 

Unless they’d fallen out just before the show, I’d say they’re at a tricky point where there’s some conflict in the band. Perhaps the band’s direction change is causing it?

The music’s good and the crowd love it. Do they take the choice of the band members or the audience?

Either way, I’d keep on top of their story. And probably go and watch them if I were you. You can always shower.

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