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The Strokes new abnormal review

The Strokes ‘The New Abnormal’ is an album for every mood (especially if that mood involves being hungover)

In a rare act of productivity, here I am reviewing the Strokes’ latest offering titled, very aptly, The New Abnormal.

Loose Fit debut EP review

Loose Fit by Loose Fit – Debut EP

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Cover art of Talk Show's debut EP These People

Talk Show’s debut EP “These People” is truly captivating

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Cover art for SHEAFS debut EP Vox Pop

Review: SHEAFS debut EP ‘Vox Pop’

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Album Review: Simulation Theory, by Muse

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Miles Davis Porgy and Bess Review

Review: Miles Davis – Porgy and Bess

Mood: that strange optimism you get a few days after being lost in mind space…

A review of Chris Kamara's Here's to Christmas

Album Review: Here’s to Christmas, by Chris Kamara

Chris Kamara made a Christmas album and I have to review it. Fuck sake man.…