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Goat Girl are back *evil laugh*

Goat Girl are back *evil laugh*

Goat Girl Sad Cowboy

It’s rare that I come across a track like this.

After such a lull in music, attitude and general fucking life, it’s thrilling to be reminded by the sloppy kiss of a spacey guitar that not everything is uninspired at the moment.

This track alone has served an expected fist beneath the cloche and whacked the apathy right out of me and into the opposing table’s soup.

It has me asking questions about what I’ve been wasting my time of late and excited me for the future at the same time. 

I’ve got a spring in my step, an internal smile and an external snarl. A hunger for making the most of now rather than wishing for it to be over and reminiscing on the nothing I’ve done for the past 6 months.

The drums are unsparingly energetic, the muddy guitar sits atop the shoulders of the bass which is followed by the long train of the synth throughout. Then, the unmistakable vocals of Clottie Cream karate kick the saloon doors and let you know who’s home.

Soak this in. Enjoy the first listen and enjoy it when it comes on repeat for the 20,000th time. This is your wake up call that better things are coming. 

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A fuckin’ love it. 

The new album from Goat Girl, ‘On All Fours’, will be released 29th January 2021.

On All Fours Tracklist:
1. Pest
2. Badibaba
3. Jazz (In The Supermarket)
4. Once Again
5. P.T.S.Tea
6. Sad Cowboy
7. The Crack
8. Closing In
9. Anxiety Feels
10. They Bite On You
11. Bang
12. Where Do We Go?
13. A-Men

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