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BBK Live Day Two: a day full of surprises

BBK Live Day Two: a day full of surprises

Bilbao BBK Live Day Two

In my last article, I said we’d say yes to everything and see where we end up.

Well, it turns out I don’t speak Spanish/Basque so we ended up nowhere. Good idea, Sam.

Anyway, depending on which sign you stood next to in the city, on day two you were either being obliterated by 37-degree rays or apparently experiencing a lovely summer’s day in 26 degrees. According to my thermometer, it was a bit hot.

As part of the festival, BBK Live hosts several smaller shows across the city for locals and people without wristbands to experience. We decided to combine a walking tour of the city with these stages to what they had to offer.

The offering varied. 

Saramalacara baffled me. Ciutat was a pleasant soundtrack to the blistering heat. They all provided a definitive link between the city and the festival that stands atop the mountains.

Then an ominous cloud appeared over the city, showcasing its talent for earth-rattling rumbles and strobe lighting. We napped it out. 

For good reason, Jamie XX wasn’t gracing the stage until 3 am so we had to be strategic.

We arose to blue skies and wild heat again, I had to check we hadn’t slept for an entire day after our alarmless danger nap. We hadn’t- phew.

I’ve always said this about festivals abroad and I’ll continue to say it forever more. I love their scheduling.

Is there a better feeling than sleeping in and not missing anything? No, there isn’t. I can confirm.

Up at the festival

Lineup-wise, this was our day of adventuring. No one we were desperate to be at the front for, but we wanted to see what surprised us. 

Our first surprise was Baiuca. Their magnetic energy was strong enough to pull the crowd over from Pavement, one of the headline acts, like iron filings. I can see how. It was a party from start to finish. It turned out I already had one of their songs in my Spotify liked songs playlist without even realising it was them (always on the pulse) so my eyes lit up when that came on.

Speaking of Pavement, we walked over that was as he was giving two fingers to the crowd, which we saw out of context so we were laughing at that. Overall, their performance was pretty poor.

When there were no vocals, the music sounded brilliant and a clear foundation of 90s rock. It was just the vocals overshadowed the rest of the performance. I know they’re getting on a bit, but there was no crowd interaction or anything. The irreverent singing style they have just doesn’t work without the energy of youth. “Come and collect yer da” kinda vibes. 

Phoenix are a clear Spanish favourite. With hoards of people rushing over as they started and creating a tectonic plate of people reaching as far back as the main stage area. I wasn’t entirely clued up on their stretching discography, but the crowd didn’t share that same problem as they screamed along to every song. 

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The visuals were fantastic as well, forging a show that stimulated you audibly and visually. 

Then the mood shifted a little as The Blaze laid down their hypnotic tracks. So hypnotic that Laura, my girlfriend, fell asleep and started dribbling on my arm as I was showing her when the next acts were on. Not a good sign and evidently our nap didn’t provide the fuel we needed.

Anyway, The Blaze were a ride. Again, with visuals that had you captivated throughout, even stirring up emotions to go with their progressive rhythms. Would recommend – just make sure you’re well rested.

We ventured over to Sherelle over at the BASOA stage, but that was far too intense for us at this time and energy level.

3 am finally came around and somehow made it to the front of Jamie XX. Turns out being at the front of the stage is infinitely louder than being stuck at the back of the crowd, who knew?! We were blasted. Jamie XX doesn’t really play his own tracks on his sets and we’re rumbled into oblivion. 

We soak it in and head back to rest for the final day. The big day. Arctic Monkeys day.

For this one, we’re going to try and work our way to the front for them after experiencing a different kind of show for Jamie XX. However, I’m the tallest man in the world and it’s not very often that people are supportive of this plan of mine. I’ll let you know how we get on.

But before I leave you. If you’re going to any kind of show today. Try your best to get to the front, especially if you’re not someone who does it usually. It’ll change your life.

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