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The Cat Empire – Songs you need on your festival/party playlist

The Cat Empire – Songs you need on your festival/party playlist

Now then! After a ridiculous amount of celebrating Leeds United’s promotion back to the big time (well aware this isn’t popular among anybody outside of Leeds) and a trip away to Newquay with the No Taste gang, I’m just about physically and mentally recovered enough to bring you another article.

Today we have The Cat Empire by The Cat Empire, not sure where they thought of the album name… I’ll start by saying they’re an Aussie band who’ve been around for a long time, but it was only brought to my attention when one of their songs popped up on my Spotify discover weekly playlist. I’ve been happily hooked ever since!

The second the song Hello from the album graced my ears I was instantly put in a good mood, it reminded me of happier times losing myself at festivals or beer fests. This band is the pinnacle of that point at an event where you’ve had enough to drink to want to throw yourself merrily all over the joint to upbeat funky bangers. There’s not been one occasion since I first heard them that whenever my playlist throws me up one of their delights that it’s not instantly put a smile on my face.

I’m going to introduce you to a few of my favourites from the album which I’ll leave at the bottom of the article, you should honestly give the whole album a listen, you won’t be disappointed.

So the first song I’ll bring to your attention is How to Explain, this song epitomises this unique band’s style. It opens with a fresh trumpet solo, and let’s face it brass instruments used right is always a winner. No one has ever been on a night out and not loved the sax player that jumps on the DJ decks and starts tearing up, right!? The song then drops into a spanish flavoured beat with what I can only describe as speed talking over the top of the music, it’s not rapping, it’s not singing. It’s just The Cat Empire and it’s apt that the song’s title is How to Explain, I’m asking that very question whilst trying to sum it up! Either way, when this song drops at a sunny barbeque with pals, you’ll have no choice but to get up and dance the day away.

The next song off the album that’s a must for your festival/party playlist is Days Like These It’s slow, it’s got a funky beat and it screams sunshine, what on earth more do you want!? 

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Another song for your playlist is One Four Five. This song will bring the most introverted of souls out of their shells, it’s fast paced, it’s the ultimate festival song for me. The title One Four Five refers to the chord progression heard throughout the chorus, the one refers to the note ‘A’, the fourth note of the A major scale is D, then the 5th is E. Put those notes together and you get the music equivalent to ecstasy.

Essentially what I’m trying to say in this review, if you need something a little different, a little rough cut but ultimately tailor made for sunshine and boozing, The Cat Empire are the band for you. Enjoy!

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