Wesley Gonzalez Appalling Human album cover

Wesley Gonzalez, Appalling Human: A review

Synth heavy, summer filled tracks have a certain melancholy tagged to them by default this…

Hanni El Khatib flight

Hanni El Khatib’s new album FLIGHT is a whooole bag of tricks

Reinventing yourself as an artist is tough. Constant comparisons to prior works, crowds clamouring for…

Marlin's Dreaming album review

An introspective return for Marlin’s Dreaming with Quotidian

My Airpods broke…  I’ve escaped back up North to the family home for lockdown, so…

The Strokes new abnormal review

The Strokes ‘The New Abnormal’ is an album for every mood (especially if that mood involves being hungover)

In a rare act of productivity, here I am reviewing the Strokes’ latest offering titled, very aptly, The New Abnormal.

Loose Fit debut EP review

Loose Fit by Loose Fit – Debut EP

Hello and welcome! Today I have an album review for you to sit and enjoy,…

Cover art for Go Virtually by Yakima

Yakima’s ‘Go Virtually’ is the perfect soundtrack to your quarantine

It turns out isolating in a room smaller than Harry Potter’s cupboard under the stairs…

The 1975 play in Newcastle

A not late at all review of The 1975 at Utilita Arena, Newcastle

Going to a concert with a couple seemed like a great idea at the time,…

Cover art of Talk Show's debut EP These People

Talk Show’s debut EP “These People” is truly captivating

I was sat writing about the EP ‘These People’ from a bench in a deserted…

Cover art for SHEAFS debut EP Vox Pop

Review: SHEAFS debut EP ‘Vox Pop’

Sadly, but unsurprisingly, five nights on the taps caught up with me and I’ve been…

No Taste Glastonbury application

Glastonbury Application

As you are probably aware, Glastonbury 2020 has been cancelled. No Taste was built to…